Membership is restricted to the Primates or appointed delegates of those North American bodies in Apostolic Succession who self-identify as “Gnostic,” and Individual North American Bishops who, though unaffiliated with any Jurisdiction hold the Apostolic Succession and self-identify as “Gnostic.”

At present, the North American College of Gnostic Bishops is not accepting membership applications and is in a period of silence. 

The NACGB has established four classes of membership in order to help facilitate its administration. These are:

Probationary Membership

Probationary membership may be offered to any group that meets the conditions of membership outlined in Article 2 of the Constitutions. Each Probationary member is to have one vote within the College on all matters with the exception of Invitations and Expulsions.

Full Membership

Full membership is accorded upon vote of the College to any group that has been a probationary member for a period of six months, and to those organizations whose representatives have signed this document as founding members of the NACGB.

Advisory Membership

Advisory Membership may be offered to any jurisdiction by a vote of the Full Membership of the College. Advisory members have no vote on College matters, but may sit on Tribunals.

Individual Membership

Individual non-aligned Bishops may be invited to join as individual members at the discretion of the NACGB.

Individual members will have the same authority as Advisory members.

Seeking Membership in the College?

When queries regarding membership come in, these are forwarded to the delegates of the Full Member Jurisdictions for review. Upon the next regular meeting of the NACGB, the information is discussed, and questions, if any, compiled.

From there the College calls up an investigative committee and contacts the potential delegate to present any questions and concerns as well as take questions or concerns from the potential delegate.

After which, a report is made to the College by the members of the committee tasked with communicating with said potential delegate.

Finally, once a report is made- a vote is scheduled at the next regular meeting of the College. The entire process towards probationary membership (for example) can take about three to six months based on the normal operating and meeting schedule of the College.

In order for the College properly evaluate an individual or jurisdiction for membership, we ask that when you contact the NACGB that you include the following information with your review request:

1) Who consecrated you? (and when)
2) What Church do you serve?
3) What kind of Church is it?
4) How often do you hold public services? When was the last service? How many people attended?
5) A curriculum vitae and detailed description of your ministry?
6) How many clergy do you have?
7) What do you hope to gain by College membership?
8) What can you contribute to the College?

Upon receipt of this information, we can then initiate a review for membership as requested